DDoS attack attempted - successfully mitigated
Incident Report for Studentnet
At 17:30, 9/2/2021 a Distributed Denial of Service attack against the Cloudwork service and Studentnet web site was attempted. The attack was automatically mitigated before any traffic reached our service infrastructure. Malicious traffic was null routed prior to reaching our internet connectivity. The attempted DDoS finished by 18:00.

The attempt failed to result in any appreciable degradation of our service.

The attempt has been logged with reports generated and retained. These DDoS reports are being passed on to police and regulatory authorities for investigation to identify the perpetrator for possible prosecution.

Please contact Studentnet on +61 2 9281 1626 immediately if you have questions or observe any effect on the provision of service.
Posted Feb 09, 2021 - 17:30 AEDT